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10 Hall of Fame Snare Drum Solos, by Thomas Siwe 26 Each, by Justin Writer BP+IG(10), by Justin Writer
26 Each, by Justin Writer
Our Price: $10.00
Challenging. Clever. Fun These new works by Tom Siwe are, quite simply, some of the most creative and musical pieces for snare drum on the market today. Each solo is dedicated to a P.A.S. (Percussive Arts Society) Hall of Fame member who has had a profound influence on the development of modern percusson music. The pieces themselves emulate the musical styles of the artists to whom they are dedicated. An interesting biograhical sketch and photograph accompanies each work. This is a must have collection for all college percussion students.
For any number of instruments
Freedom and creativity is here for the performers, within the composer's constraints. Unspecified instrumentation, indeterminate length (7 minutes +/- suggested). The composer provides 52 motifs for the performers, split between treble and bass clef instruments (so, 26 each). The instructions are more guidelines and suggestions than rules. Unlimited variability will allow your ensemble to test their creativity!
For bass, piano, and any number of additional instrumentalists. Improvisation, vocalisation, dice and ocarinas all play a part in this three movement work. Approximately 10 minutes in length, performers must sometimes play randomly within a strict timeline, and sometimes play and vocalize as a tight ensemble. The third movement is notated as a graphic timeline with instructions. Stretch your imagination and have some fun with this piece.