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Silence in the Rhythmic Soup, by Michael Taylor Silence, by Michael Taylor Mamady Keïta and Sewa Kan, Live @ Couleur Café CD
Rhythmic environments for yoga and meditation, this CD contains excepts from Taylor's SILENCE CD and Touch of Chaos in the Rhythmic Soup CD. At once both mesmerizing and relaxing, this music will take you somewhere else and help spur your own creativity. This is the audio from Mamady's concert in Brussels in 2004 at the 15th Annual Couleur Café Festival, with his group SEWA KAN.  Guests include Baba Sissoko, Bruno Genero, Seckou Keïta and Mohamet Sissoko
Remembering How to Drum, Michael Taylor AKARAN IKO IKO, by Michael Taylor Mamady Keïta and Sewa Kan, Live @ Couleur Café DVD
In Taylor's first interactive instructional DVD, you will find a wealth of information and practice sessions that will provide hours and hours of technique building exercises.  Included are djembe technique explanation and exercises, practice rhythms, ensembles that accompany you (yes, you can isolate all the voices to practice all the orchestra parts!), and interviews with Taylor.  All skill levels! One of the most creative and helpful instructional DVD's on the market today for building your djembe technique.  This DVD allows you to play along with members of the Mande Djembe Orchestra and learn all the parts to nine different traditional rhythms.  Isolate individual parts, or groups of instruments and study all the members of the orchestra.  Or, solo over all the accompaniment.  The repetition provided by the top quality recordings will allow to "learn again, again." This is the one live concert DVD you must have in your library - Mamady Keïta and his Group, SEWA KAN perform live at the 15th Annual Couleur Café Festival in Brussels in 2004.  Tremendous high energy performances and specials guests Baba Sissoko, Bruno Genero, Seckou Keïta an Mohamet Sissoko.
Djembefola, with bonus film Mögöbalu
Two amazing documentaries on the life of Mamady Keïta.  This is required viewing in djembe circles where this editor is from.  In Djembefola, Mamady returns to his native village in Guinea after 26 years of traveling and performing around the world.  The second film, Mögöbalu, The Masters of Percussion: Mamady Keïta and the Grand Masters of African Music, is a documentary that explores the life of a Djembefola in the modern world and the virtuosity of the djembe in today's music.  In French, with English subtitles.