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Michael G. Cunningham was born in what is now Warren Michigan in 1937. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree (1959) from Wayne State University in Detriot, a Master of Music from the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Music from Indiana University. Between 1967 and 1973 he taught theory and composition at universities in Michigan, California, Kansas and Indiana. Since 1973 he has been in residence at the University of Wisconsn - Eau Claire. His textbooks include "The Inner World of Traditional Theory," "Technique for Composers," "Steps Towards Bach's Counterpoint," "Medieval Creativity and Renaissance Counterpoint" and "The Romantic Century." He is an expert on American popular songs from 1920 -1 1980. As a composer, he has created for nearly every medium, having composed over 150 works, many published by Seesaw Music Publishers as well as Media Press.